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Improving Healthcare Quality and Cost

The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value is the one place where those who provide healthcare, those who receive healthcare, and those who pay for healthcare come together to improve the quality and value of care for all the people of New Mexico.

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MEMBERS: Please go to our resources section and download our Employer’s Guide to Managed Care. It’s a booklet that help employers statewide with a tool they can use as when evaluating and selecting health plans that provide health benefits for their employees.

Employer's Guide to Managed Care


The Coalition’s work is too important to lose. We need new thinking and collaboration in the new healthcare environment." Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino       

Vision 2015

Our work is increasing strength. With a focus on quality and value, the Coalition helps everyone from the exam room to the board room.

Early in 2015 we created a new purchaser led multi-stakeholder non-profit called the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value which is focused on improving healthcare value for all New Mexicans.

  • Improving transparency through performance measurement and public reporting on quality.
  • Strengthening business and government purchaser buying power.
  • Supporting performance improvement through collaboration.


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