About Us

Changing our Healthcare System for the Better

Employers--the largest overall purchasers of healthcare services and benefits in the U.S.--cannot sit back and wait for others to change the healthcare system, without employer input. Nor can they risk "going it alone" in trying to improve the system. Like employers, no provider group or health plan alone has the leverage that a larger, focused and mutually-reinforcing group of these stakeholders can have.

The trend is for employers to work together. The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value, an employer-led, multi-sector alliance brings together those who purchase healthcare, deliver healthcare, influence health policy, consume healthcare and insure employees. Our collective voice is more effective and carries more weight when the Coalition confronts complex issues of healthcare cost, quality, transparency, and outcomes of interest to all New Mexicans. 

Our Focus

Improving the Healthcare System for All:  Network to develop joint strategies that address barriers to high-value healthcare. Leverage our collective, combined organizational power to impact the healtlh system so New Mexicans get the best care possible, at the right time, in the right place, for the right price and for best outcomes. Represent employers and stakeholders in state policy meetings on key issues like developing an All Payers Claims Database.

Performance Measurement and Reporting: Annually report on healthcare performance indicators (like HEDIS) so employers can better assess, compare and select quality-level health plans for employees. Survey NM employers on health benefits strategies, programs and costs--helping members understand what peers in the marketplace are doing to better plan their own health insurance initiatives. 

Quality Improvement: Provide cutting-edge educational summits and networking round tables--as well as monthly news up-dates--to share best- and evidence-based practice and innovations to help healthcare stakeholders and decisionmakers identify and implement strategies, techniques and policies to improve patient care or health insurance coverage, while lowering costs.

High Value Payment Reform:  Engage employers and purchasers in healthcare payment reform by providing input to revise NCQA Health Plan Accreditation, participating in national hospital price transparency studies (RAND), and partaking in National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions national-level health system change efforts.


Healthcare issues were formerly centered on access and cost. The Coalition has gotten quality on the table in New Mexico.”     --Nurse Leader

Select Results                           

What happens when you invite the community to work on the shared goal of healthcare improvement?  Some achievements:

  • Providing research data specific to New Mexico employer benefits to better understand and plan for the health insurance market. 
  • Useful dialogue among employers, thought leaders, providers, policymakers, and others on major issues of healthcare, wellness, payment and other reforms. 
  • Annual production of Employer Guide to Managed Care giving data on how New Mexico health plans meet health performance indicators so employers can better select an appropriate health benefit plan.
  • Opportunities for employers to have their voice heard in policy development in the state.
  • Innovative public education, sharing and networking events for employers and other health stakeholders with leading healthcare decision-makers that foster up-to-date knowledge and strategic planning. 

Sustaining the Vision

The NM Coalition grew from an Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, when, in 2015, participating employer members determined they would continue the work in New Mexico. The Coalition continues to gain business membership and recognition, while expanding its work to improve the value of our healthcare system in these changing times. Employers interested in more information, joining the coalition, and/or supporting changes to our current healthcare system, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..