About Us

We Can Change Healthcare for the Better

The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value brings together purchasers, employers, physicians, healthcare systems and hospitals, consumers and state leaders to create change in the healthcare system in order to benefit the people of New Mexico.

Our Focus

Performance Measurement and Public Reporting: Researching and publicly reporting on healthcare performance indicators (such as HEDIS) helps employers assess, compare and select quality-level health plans for their employees.

Quality Improvement: Providing best practice and evidence-based information to help healthcare providers identify and implement techniques and protocols to improve patient care while lowering costs.

High Value Outcome-Focused Payment Reform: Involving employers and purchasers to improve the healthcare payment system by exploring and evaluating ways to pay doctors and hospitals using quality models of care to improve patient outcomes.


Healthcare issues were formerly centered on access and cost. The Coalition has gotten quality on the table in New Mexico.”     --Nurse Leader


What happens when you invite the community to work on the shared goal of healthcare improvement?  Better results.

  • An employer learning community that shares best practices on value-based purchasing and quality care methods.
  • Dialogue among employers, healthcare providers and insurance plans on major issues of healthcare reform, costs, quality measures and payment reform. 
  • First ever Employer Guide to Managed Care with health performance indicators to help employers select health plans in New Mexico.
  • Opportunities for employers to have their voice heard in policy development, as in providng input to the National  Committee for Quality Assurance about changes for the Health Plan Accreditation.
  • Well-attended public education events for employers, physicians, health system personnel and consumers featuring national healthcare reform experts.

Sustaining the Vision

The NM Coalition grew out of an Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. After that funding, participating employer members determined they would continue the work in New Mexico, and have done so since 2015. The Coalition has and continues to update its business sustainability plan, while continuing its work to improve the value of our healthcare system in these changing times. Employers interested in more information, joining the coalition, and/or supporting changes to our current healthcare system, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..