Choosing Wisely

The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and quality care. By becoming a Consumer Reports Communication partner for the Choosing Wisely campaign, the Coalition has created a tool to promote a common agenda to foster learning – a critical step to meeting health and healthcare goals. Communication Partners provide resources and disseminate information to help patients and providers engage in conversations about the potential overuse of certain tests and procedures.
The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value now has a website with Consumer Reports. This site provides access to the Choosing Wisely communication materials produced by Consumer Reports. These materials provide information on everything from allergy testing to treatments for end-of-life care and help patients discuss available options with their doctors. Material is also available in Easy-to-Read and Spanish versions.
Visit the New Mexico Choosing Wisely website

Doctors and patients partnering for better care and reduced costs

The Institute of Medicine estimates that approximately $750 billion, 30% of healthcare spending, is wasted on unnecessary, often harmful tests, treatments and procedures. Choosing Wisely was created by the ABIM Foundation, in partnership with Consumer Reports, to encourage clinicians and patients to engage in conversations aimed at reducing unnecessary care. Consumer Reports supports the ABIM Foundation’s Choosing Wisely campaign by developing consumer-friendly educational tip sheets. Over 70 medical specialty societies partnering in the initiative have found over 400 medical tests and procedures that have been identified as "not always necessary." The Choosing Wisely campaign is designed to encourage patients to be more engaged in their healthcare and empower them to become better partners with their doctor to receive high quality care that is:

  • Supported by evidence
  • Not duplicative of other tests
  • Free from harm and
  • Truly necessary

New Mexico Top 5 Unnecessary Treatments and Procedures

See below five treatments and procedures that are often unnecessary and subject patients to more risk with no value added. Material is available in both English and Spanish.

  1. Antibiotics in adult respiratory illness
  2. Imaging for low back pain
  3. Imaging for headache
  4. Bone density scans
  5. Early delivery / C sections