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Catch the latest from the Coalition's successful "Employers Role in Carrying Diabetes Management to New Heights Awareness. Access. Accountability"
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Today, we are reaching out to large and small employers to join us as we grow.

The Coalition on Health brings employers, physicians, health systems and health plans together with the common goal of improving healthcare quality.

We provide shared learning opportunities:

  • A voice for employers at the table with physicians, hospitals, health systems and health plans to set quality measures.
  • Employers-only forum to share proven strategies to improve employee health and wellness activities.
Added services supporting quality improvement and reducing the cost of healthcare include:

  • Access to information tools to assess health plans.
  • Quarterly New Mexico employer-provider issue roundtables.
  • Annual value-based purchasing seminar.
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Employer Purchaser Power

Employers--public, private, large and small—are catalysts for health reform. Growth in healthcare spending has outpaced overall income growth in the United States.

The way we pay for healthcare affects the way services are delivered. By contracting for appropriate, preventive and coordinated care, the community’s health can improve.

The Coalition's goal is to help employers make decisions on quality services for their employees and their dependents without increasing costs.

New Mexico employers have a voice and a national forum to improve quality and employee productivity. New Mexico is a leader and we can provide solutions." Health Benefits Manager

Smarter Business Decisions

Since 2011, large and small employers have been meeting to discuss common issues, solutions and shared learning. Representatives from the New Mexico business community have attended national briefings to learn about payment trends and quality strategies from other communities.

In the spring of 2014, the Coalition hosted a value-based purchasing college for New Mexico employers. Many employers have implemented contract language setting out quality measurements for the providers of healthcare services.

Roundtable conversations have included:

  • Benefit plan design.
  • Wellness programming.
  • Process improvement.
  • Waste reduction.