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Benefits of Coalition Membership

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Employers know how swiftly the healthcare system is changing--through positive innovations, technology and research--even as policymakers struggle with health system "reform." It's essential for employers to be as up-to-date as possible on factors affecting health system and health benefits change. The NM Coalition continues to welcome small, medium-size and large employers and other stakeholders to join us at the table to have a say in driving meaningful change and improving the value and quality of healthcare for all New Mexicans.

Benefits of Coalition Membership:

Leveraging a Combined Voice for Impact

  • Part of an employer and healthcare consumer "voice" in transforming the healthcare system by working together 
  • Access to resources, conferences and support from the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (NAHPC), a leader in national-level reform efforts and innovative health system change strategies
  • Assets to improve health benefit designs that better reflect the New Mexico market, workforce needs and proce plans, through access to thought leaders and peers in the field
  • Potential for gaining long-term reduction of healthcare costs through information and direct interaction with the provider system
Access to Best Practice and Current Strategic Thinking
  • Access and exposure to national industry experts and thought leaders in health benefits, healthcare delivery, health policy and much more
  • Receipt of on-going updates of current news in healthcare issues, innovative healthcare services, benefit plan designs, pricing, policy and more
  • Gain professional development credentials (SHRM) while attending high-quality, timely education seminars, roundtables and peer networking events to assess and compare benefit strategies
  • Collaboration in facilitated workgroups to address issues such as promoting transparency, improving health plan performance, and the like

Gaining Tools to Improve Benefits and the Healthcare System

  • Access to guides--print and through the website's Member Portal--that evaluate and compare health plans, and share data on NM employers' benefit planning strategies and spending
  • Opportunities to engage in practical research, like the national RAND study on hospital price transparency, that provide NM employers with relevant, state-specific data not available elsewhere
  • Access to tools to more effectively communicate with health plans, brokers and delivery systems in order to improve healthcare quality and decrease costs by advocating with other interested stakeholders in the state to move towards healthcare data transparency and healthcare value.

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Employer Purchaser Power

Employers--public, private, large and small—are catalysts for health reform, especially as they see growth in healthcare spending  outpacing overall income growth in the United States. Employers--the largest overall purchasers of healthcare services and benefits in the U.S.--cannot sit back and wait for change. Nor can they--in a time of growing mergers that help drive prices up--risk "going it alone" in trying to improve the system. Like employers, no provider group or health plan ALONE has the leverage that a larger, focused and mutually-reinforcing group of these stakeholders can have. 

The national and state trend is for employers to work together. The NM Coalition for Healthcare Value brings together those who purchase healthcare, deliver healthcare, influence health policy, consume healthcare, and insure employees. Our collective, magnified voice is more effectively heard when the Coalition confronts complex issues of healthcare cost, quality, transparency and outcomes of interest to all employers. Coalition members strive to develop and implement strategies to address barriers and then leverage their collective organizational and purshasing power to better change the health system and policy so New Mexicans get the best care possible, at the right time, in the right place, for the right price--and for the best outcomes.

"New Mexico employers have a voice and a national forum to improve quality and employee productivity. New Mexico is a leader and we [Coalition] can provide solutions."    --Health Benefits Manager

Information for Strategic Business Decisions

In its fourth year of operations, the NM Coalition for Healthcare Value continues to strongly support employers, health plans, providers and health support organizations so they don't have to "go it alone" in efforts to improve the quality, transparency and cost of healthcare. The Coalition provides non-aligned forums for stakeholders to come together, share information and "best practices," discuss relevant issues with authorities in the health field, uncover areas of common agreement, and decide about potential aligned actions to promote meaningful change in the health system. In addition, the Coalition continues to gather data and provide regular guides, such as the Employers Guide to Managed Care, that help health benefit managers evaluate and compare health plans on outcome measures, and the Employer Health Benefits Survey Report, that shares data on other NM employers' benefit planning strategies and spending.