Benefits of Joining the Coalition

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It's nearly impossible to have a conversation about healthcare today without discussing "value." As the NM Coalition continues to grow, we reach out to large and small employers and other stakeholders to join us. We invite everyone to the table so members can identify opportunities and align efforts that drive meaningful change, thus improving the value and quality of healthcare for all New Mexicans.

We provide a neutral forum for public and private partners to share best practices: 

  • Gives members access and exposure to national industry experts and thought-leaders in health benefits, procedures and policy, 
  • Helps members stay current in and aware of healthcare system and policy change, benefit plan designs, and strategies to improve employee health and wellness.
In addition, the Coalition provides its members with:
  • Tools like the "Employer Guide to Managed Care" to evaluate and compare health plans, 
  • Access to current research results, as with the "New Mexico 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey Report" to help employers understand what other organizations in the state are doing, spending and planning in terms of health and wellness benefits, 
  • Opportunities to have their voice heard in state policy development. 
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Employer Purchaser Power

Employers--public, private, large and small—are catalysts for health reform, especially as they see growth in healthcare spending  outpacing overall income growth in the United States.

How and what we pay for healthcare and related services affects the way services are delivered to whom. By promoting quality care practices, transparency, wellness programs, and effective health system change, employers can better contract for appropriate, preventive and coordinated care for their employees and employee dependents.

The Coalition strives to help NM employers make informed decisions on cost-effective, high-quality services for their employees and their dependents to improve population health overall. 

"New Mexico employers have a voice and a national forum to improve quality and employee productivity. New Mexico is a leader and we can provide solutions." Health Benefits Manager

Information for Strategic Business Decisions

In its third year of operations, the NM Coalition for Healthcare Value continues to strongly support employers, health plans, providers and health support organizations so they don't have to "go it alone" in efforts to improve the quality, transparency and cost of healthcare. In particular, the Coalition provides non-aligned forums for stakeholders to come together, share information and "best practices," discuss relevant issues with authorities in the health field, uncover areas of common agreement, and make decisions about potential aligned actions to bring about meaningful change in the health system. 

Areas of mutual interest addressed in recent forums and work include:

  • improving the health--physical, mental and behavioral--of the workforce;
  • potential ways to intervene in the system that currently generates high pharmaceutical drug costs;
  • findings from best practice models that improve care and reduce costs of knee and hip replacements; and
  • updates on state and national health system policy.