NCQA Chooses New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value to Provide Healthcare Input

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has chosen New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value (NMCHCV) as one of four national business health coalitions in the country to provide valuable input as NCQA explores changes to its flagship product which is Health Plan Accreditation (HPA).  

Pat Montoya, executive director of the NMCHCV, said that HPA is a data collection tool that is used to measure health plans in the areas of care and service adding the NCQA, “works to improve health care quality through the administration of evidence-based standards, measures, programs and accreditation.”

NCQA representatives will be meeting with Coalition employer members and other employers on March 7th in a round table format soliciting the employer’s view as they plan their work for 2018. The other Coalitions selected to provide input are New England Business Group on Health in Boston, Midwest Business Group on Health in Chicago and Pacific Business Group on Health in San Francisco.  

Montoya said that for more than 20 years employers have been strong leverages of Health Plan Accreditation, which combines two evaluation standards. The first is an evaluation of standards and HEDIS and CAHPS measures. 

“NCQA would like to continue to strengthen partnerships with employers and is deeply interested in better understanding the needs of employers as it relates to Health Plan Accreditation,” she said.

The purpose of the meeting is that NCQA will be seeking the Coalition’s members (employer voice) feedback on immediate and long-term Health Plan Accreditation development, including: 

1.       Population health management for Health Plan Accreditation 2018, which consists of a new requirement aimed at evaluating health plans’ population health management (PHM) strategy. PHM programs strive to address individuals’ health needs at all points along the continuum of care including the community setting, through participation, engagement and targeted interventions for a defined population. The goal of PHM is to maintain or improve the physical and psychosocial well-being of individuals and address health disparities through cost-effective and tailored health solutions.

2.       Long-term goal of reinventing Health Plan Accreditation to better meet the needs of its customers and stakeholders. NCQA would like to hear the Coalition members’ thoughts on how NCQA can increase the value of the health plan product for employers. 

Montoya said NCQA will specifically solicit employer expectations of health plans today and how those expectations are evolving as the delivery system continues to expand its capabilities (toward more integrated models).