Coalition Executive Director Participates In Health Summit Panel

New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value Executive Director Patricia Montoya presented on a panel as part of the health summit - "ACA in turmoil: What employers can expect with healthcare in flux."

The business publication, New Mexico Business First, was the sponsor of the health summit. Editor Rachel Sams said Montoya was also invited to sit on the panel and a round table discussion - "How to make New Mexico healthier and how to impact business."

"We were looking for a good mix of health care experts to provide business owners and executives with the most up to date information and best perspectives on what to expect with the changes in healthcare," Sams said.

"Business owners and executives are looking for guidance and we have seen a great deal of interest and demand for this summit," she said.

The Summit is set for Thursday, June 8th at the Albuquerque Convention Center. Sams did not have an estimate on the number of attendees expected but said she was preparing for a big crowd.

"For many business owners, healthcare is one of their biggest expenses and right now an area of concern," she said.

More information about the summit is available on the New Mexico Business First website