Improving Healthcare Quality and Cost

The Coalition’s work is too important to lose. We need new thinking and collaboration in the new healthcare environment."
- Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino


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Today, we are reaching out to large and small employers to join us as we grow.

The Coalition on Health brings employers, physicians, health systems and health plans together with the common goal of improving healthcare quality.


The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value is the one place where those who provide healthcare, those who receive healthcare, and those who pay for healthcare come together to improve the quality and value of care for all the people of New Mexico.

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Who's at the Table

at the tableThe New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value is an employer-led, multi-stakeholder, nonprofit group.

In its third year of operation, the Coalition brings employers, health plans, and providers together to identify opportunities for and align efforts to drive meaningful change to improve healthcare quality in New Mexico and the nation.

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Our work is increasing strength. With a focus on quality and value, the Coalition helps everyone from the exam room to the board room.

The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value is focused on improving healthcare value for all New Mexicans.

  • Improving transparency through performance measurement and public reporting on quality.
  • Strengthening business and government purchaser buying power.
  • Supporting performance improvement through collaboration.
Participants at the September 2018 “Total Cost of Health Care: Transparency in Action” Summit, presented jointly by the NM Coalition for Healthcare Value and HealthInsight NM came to learn from national and state leaders what recent research and project efforts are telling employers about this issue. Other articles describe efforts undertaken by the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions to promote positive transformation of the U.S. healthcare marketplace and the Coalition’s collaboration with SANOFI to provide current use, health outcome, pharmacotherapy, and financial data for New Mexico on cardiovascular and Type 2 diabetes disease.