How can employers help improve the quality of healthcare?

Employers are key players in improving the health of their employees by:
  • Joining the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value with annual membership and dues. Employer will have a voice at the healthcare improvement table.
  • Providing wellness programs that result in improved employee health, reduced healthcare and workers compensation costs.
  • Contracting with healthcare providers, health systems and health plans for quality services that improve employee outcomes, health status, and productivity.

What is the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value?

The NM Coalition is a non-profit organization that is employer-led and multi-stakeholder focused. It strives to improve health in the state and to maximize the value of healthcare services by emphasizing improvements in quality, transparency and cost.

How does the Coalition work? 

The NM Coalition for Healthcare Value has an Executive Director and Program Manager. It is our diverse membership and a committed Board that drives the organization and its efforts. All of our members have a seat at the table to exchange ideas and data, plan programming and come up with solutions.

Who is eligible to join the Coalition?

 We welcome employers, small and large in all industries, city and county governments, school systems and colleges, healthcare providers, and others to provide a neutral, multi-disciplinary forum and resource to exchange ideas, best practices, and data. Membership allows New Mexico employers to work with others to foster valuable connections and a comprehensive "voice" to help shape the future of healthcare in the state. 

How is the Coalition funded?

Funding for the organization comes from member dues and Coalition event support monies.

Does the Coalition provide educational opportunities?

The continuing education of our members and their employees is a key element of the mission of the Coalition. Through our summits, forums, and meetings we offer best practices and potential solutions to members to assist them in such areas as benefits improvement, and purchasing affordable, cost-effective and quality-level healthcare and preventive services. We now offer Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) continuing education credits to those attending our educational summits and forums.

How does the Coalition promote transparency?

The Coalition is committed to value and quality in healthcare and health systems. Since its inception, it has worked to provide information to employers. For example, through the annual publication of the Employers Guide to Managed Care, we provide indicators that help employers make informed decisions regarding their choice of healthcare plans.