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Benefits of Coalition Membership

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NM employers participating in the Coalition's 2019 Employers Health Benefits Survey said they had major concerns on: their ability to offer affordable coverage for their employees; increases in yearly healthcare costs; and the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare delivery system. Employers know how swiftly the healthcare system is changing--both positively and negatively--even as policymakers struggle with health system "reform." It's essential for employers to be as up-to-date as possible on factors affecting health system and health benefits change.

The NM Coalition welcomes small, medium-size and large employers and other stakeholders to join us at the table to have a say in driving meaningful change and improving the value and quality of healthcare for all New Mexicans.

Membership Benefits:

Leveraging a Combined Voice for Impact

  • Part of an employer and healthcare consumer "voice" in transforming the healthcare system by working together 
  • Access to resources, conferences and support from the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (NAHPC), a leader in national-level reform efforts and innovative health system change strategies
  • Assets to improve health benefit designs that better reflect the New Mexico market, workforce needs and pricing, through networking with peers in the field/market
  • Potential for employer direct interaction with the provider system.
Access to Best Practice and Current Strategic Thinking
  • Access and exposure to national industry experts and thought leaders in health benefits, healthcare delivery, health policy and much more
  • Receipt of on-going current updates in healthcare issues, innovative healthcare services, benefit plan designs, pricing, policy and more
  • Gain professional development credentials (SHRM, others) while attending high-quality, timely education seminars, roundtables and peer networking events on current health events and issues
  • Collaboration in facilitated workgroups to address issues such as promoting transparency, improving health plan performance, and the like.

Gaining Tools to Improve Benefits and the Healthcare System

  • Access to guides--print and through the website's Member Portal--that provide data specific to New Mexico's marketplace and health system for comparing and evaluating health plans, or that share data on NM employers' benefit planning strategies and spending
  • Opportunities to engage in practical research, like the national RAND study on hospital price transparency, that provide NM employers with relevant, state-specific data not available elsewhere
  • Access to tools to more effectively communicate with health plans, brokers, delivery systems and employees in order to improve healthcare quality and use, and to decrease costs and waste in the system.

Membership Dues

The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization made up of annual dues-paying members. Below is a list of the current membership categories and their corresponding dues.

Dues Structure for Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Voting Members: Employers:

 # of NM Employees  Dues
 <50  $250
 51-99  $500
 100-249  $750
 250-699  $1,500
 700-999  $2,500
 >1,000  $5,000







Voting Members: Health Plans:

 # of Fully Insured Covered  Lives  Dues   
 0-20,000  $3,000  
 21,000-50,000  $5,000
 50,001-100,000  $10,000 
 100,001-300,000  $15,000
 >300,000  $20,000

 * For integrated systems, dues will be 20% of the anticipated dues based on the health plan rate and 80% of the anticipated dues based on hospital rate.

Voting Members: Associations:                              $1,500
* Includes such associations as Chambers of Commerce, Society for Human Resource Managers, and others. These are voting members.

Voting Members: Health Providers and Health Support

# of NM Employees Dues
 <50  $500
 51-99  $1,000
 100-249  $2,500
 250-699  $5,000
 700-999  $7,500
 > 1,000  $10,000

* Includes hospitals and long-term care facilities, provider practices, and organizations such as medical providers, laboratories, and health support organizations.

Non-Voting: Affiliate Members   (Health Insurance Brokers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Device Manufacturers):

 # of NM Employees Dues
 < 50  $500
 51-99  $1,000
  100-249  $2,500
 250-699  $5,000
 700-999  $7,500
 > 1,000  $10,000

How to Determine Your NM Coalition for Healthcare Value Membership Dues Designation

Voting Members

Employers are generally considered “health purchasers” and they are voting members. They can be 
public or private companies, corporations, employer/trust funds, associations, non-profits (academic,
research, voluntary organizations), and government agencies that provide health insurance benefits in
New Mexico to their employees, dependents, retirees and others. In general, employers are not involved
in healthcare delivery, services, health insurance, or associated with the healthcare industry. Dues are rolling calendar dues, paid annually on the month when the member joined the Coalition.  

Health Plans:

This stakeholder group will include health plans and third-party administrators doing business in the state 
of New Mexico.


Associations, such as the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM), chambers of commerce, and 
the like, that represent specific employer or personnel groups, non-profits, consumer- or communitybased
organizations interested in, advocating and/or working for health system improvement and 

Health Providers/Health Support Organizations:

This stakeholder group includes health providers and/or health support organizations that have a 
commercial interest in and/or are involved in providing healthcare products or services. These members 
can include medical/provider offices, hospitals, laboratories, long-term care facilities, and health provider 
groups. Membership dues are determined on a sliding scale by the number of employees they have.


Affiliate Members:

Affiliate members are those from the Pharmaceutical industry (including Pharmacy Benefit Management 
organizations), and Medical Device Makers, insurance brokers, vendors and benefits consulting 
organizations or single health benefit consultant.

For more information, contact Susan Wilson at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Employer Purchaser Power

Employers--public, private, large and small—are catalysts for health reform, especially as they see growth in healthcare spending  outpacing overall income growth in the United States. The national and state trend is for employers to work together. The NM Coalition for Healthcare Value brings together those who purchase healthcare, deliver healthcare, influence health policy, consume healthcare, and insure employees. Coalition members strive to develop and implement strategies to address barriers and then leverage their collective organizational and purchasing power to better change the health system and policy so New Mexicans get the best care possible, at the right time, in the right place, for the right price--and for the best outcomes.

"New Mexico employers have a voice and a national forum to improve quality and employee productivity. New Mexico is a leader and we [Coalition] can provide solutions."    --Health Benefits Manager