Benefits of Coalition Membership

Employers know how swiftly the healthcare system is changing--both positively and negatively--even as policymakers struggle with health system "reform." It's essential for employers to be as up-to-date as possible on factors affecting health system and health benefits change. 

The Coalition provides regular communication to our members.  Our broad coalition includes employer healthcare purchasers, health plans, hospitals, providers, healthcare support organizations, TPAs, brokers and healthcare vendors.  We bring together key players in the healthcare benefit arena to collaborate on solutions, identify value opportunities and help employers make the most informed decisions to improve employee health and receive value for their money as well as their insureds.

We advocate for transparency in quality and cost to improve employers and their employees ability to find value in the healthcare system, as well as solutions that will improve access to and improve the quality of care in New Mexico.

The Coalition is a member of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions and represents its work in New Mexico. All of our members benefit from this membership through shared materials and learning opportunities. HOME - National Alliance Website (

The Coalition welcomes small, medium-size and large employers and other stakeholders to join us at the table to have a say in driving meaningful change and improving the value and quality of healthcare for all New Mexicans.

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Benefits of Coalition Membership For Employer Purchasers

Benefits to Those Working With Employers

The Coalition also provides a useful forum for hospitals, providers, health plan, vendors, brokers and others to better understand employer’s needs and inform employer purchasers of value-based work your organization is doing in the employee healthcare benefits space.

Membership Dues

The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization made up of annual dues-paying members. Below is a list of the current membership categories and their corresponding dues.

Voting Members - Employers
# of NM EmployeesDues
50 or less$250
100-249 $750
700-999 $2,500
Government Agency$1,000
*A Government Agency membership applies for state, county, and municipal governmental agencies.
Voting Members - Health Plans

# of Fully Insured Covered LivesDues
21,000-50,000 $5,000
50,001-100,000 $10,000
100,001-300,000 $15,000

 * For integrated systems, dues will be 20% of the anticipated dues based on the health plan rate and 80% of the anticipated dues based on hospital rate.

Voting Members - Associations
*Includes such associations as Chambers of Commerce, Society for Human Resource Managers, and others. These are voting members.
Voting Members - Health Providers and Health Support

# of NM EmployeesDues
50 or less$500
100-249 $2,500
700-999 $7,500

 * Includes hospitals and long-term care facilities, provider practices, and organizations such as medical providers, laboratories, and health support organizations.

Non-Voting - Affiliate Members
(Health Insurance Brokers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Device Manufacturers)

# of NM EmployeesDues
50 or less$500
100-249 $2,500
700-999 $7,500

Please Note: A 3% credit card fee will be applied to all membership dues.

How to Determine Your NM Coalition for Healthcare Value Membership Dues Designation

Voting Members
Non-Voting Members

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